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The LabRat is our mini programmable prop controller that is compatible with most commercial props that use a stomp pad or try-me button. 

The LabRat has 3 modes you can use to trigger you animated prop/decoration.

  • Retrigger Mode
  • Delay Mode
  • Motion Mode

Retrigger Mode

With retrigger mode you can trigger your prop in a random loop. This is useful to prevent a predictable (or often annoying) loop for your decoration. 

Delay Mode

In delay mode, you can configure a delay in 1 second intervals between your input trigger and output trigger. So you can put a stomp pad near a door, and when someone steps on it, you can add a delay to give them time to walk in the position you want before triggering the motion of your prop/decoration.

Motion Mode

In motion mode, you can use the onboard Passive Infrared motion sensor in place of a stomp pad to trigger your prop/decoration. You get all the configurability of Delay mode which includes trigger and reset delays.

Package Includes

  • LabRat
  • 12V Power supply
  • Terminal Block Adapters

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